Sally Hansen Nail Rehab
Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

This is about where my nails are at right now.. in need of rehab. I love the look of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab that’s promising to strengthen nails with jasmine, rose and Vitamin E extracts. Thanks to six years of blogging and nail swatching I’ve had to switch to using nail wheels because my nails can just no longer take the relentlessness of removing/applying on such a regular basis. I LOVE wearing nail polish – my issue is brittle nails – the ends have been known to just ping off unexpectedly! My nails are plenty strong and will grow quite long, but they split because they’re so dry. I know perfectly well that I should be applying oils religiously but can’t somehow just get into the habit of it doing it regularly.

Every time I post anything on nail care, I get comments saying that topical applications, other than oil, can’t do anything, and yet, I remember a brand called Super Nu Nail (I wonder if it still exists) that gave me faster-than-beanstalk results which keeps me believing that sometimes, yes they can. So I’m starting on Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and hoping it will work as an undercoat, because I can’t give up colour for a month. Fact. It’s promising also to prevent breaking and tearing so I have high expectations.

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab is £9.95 – it wasn’t due to launch til May but I’ve spotted it in a couple of places including John Lewis, HERE.



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