I’m extremely wary of beauty ‘gadgets’, not least because all that is generally featured in the press is the promise. There’s very little journalistic trialling going on with long term published results. It’s kind of lazy to say ‘here’s what this will do..’ when ultimately, without testing, they really don’t have any idea of whether the promise is genuine. The Safetox website claims this ridiculous looking machine will ‘eliminate all wrinkles’ at the top of the home page, yet further down, claims a ‘50%-80%’ reduction. Not the same at all. In fact, the randomly thrown in statistics don’t follow any comprehensible logic. The reason that Safetox has been brought to my attention is a friend’s story of trying to get her money back from Safetox, which has resulted in a zero response. She’s used it as per instructions and religiously stuck to the regime; even I can see that it’s had absolutely no effect whatsoever. And this is a machine that costs nearly £200. I’ve never used it, but I do know that there is nothing that gives a ‘botox-like effect’ other than Botox, which I have had. Shoving the word ‘Tox’ at the end of the name implies that it will give results akin to the real thing, but relaxing muscles can’t ever address the root cause of wrinkles which are loss of collagen and skin elasticity. Gadgets I’ve tried include the Stop machine which gave no discernable difference to my skin, but I was a little lazy in using it; the Crystal Clear Eye Pen that does work for short term results in reducing eye puffiness, and The Tria Machine (hair removal) which I didn’t use for long enough to see a difference on myself but those who have used it absolutely rave about it, and I believe them. Beauty gadgets are a booming sector, but I’d say buyer beware; if it looks to good to be true, then it probably is. I’ve also got to question whether a reputable company would refuse to give money back when the product clearly hasn’t worked.

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