Just as I was about to settle in for the night to write a long and protracted post about this story, which I’ll give an intro to in a sec, I discovered someone has already done it far better than I ever could.

The Daily Mail published an article asking scientifically trained doctors to assess whether so called ‘miracle creams’ can really work. And, given that women (and men) spend literally millions a year chasing the dream, it’s a very good question. Needless to say, mostly the doctors were sceptical, wondering how rubbing a cream into your breasts could possibly make them grow. The brand that has taken issue with the doctor’s opinion is Rodial, whose Skinny Sticks I have often raised an eyebrow at myself. Rodial’s £125 Boob Job claims to make boobs bigger; Dr Dalia Nield (from the London Clinic) thinks it’s highly unlikely. Rodial immediately began legal action to prevent the story being run. So, I’ll leave the rest of the sorry tale to Claire Coleman, a journalist who specialises in science based beauty stories. See it here: http://www.clairecoleman.plus.com/www.clairecoleman.com/Blog/Entries/2010/11/10_I_said_I_wouldnt_blog_but….html

What I wonder is how this could impact on bloggers. If a brand is going to become hyper-sensitive to anyone with an opinion, with or without a medical degree, then I wonder if blogging about Rodial at all is a good idea. Interestingly, they’ve just sent out their latest cream to several bloggers, but question if they quite ‘get’ that bloggers will say exactly what they think.

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