Rodial Super Fit Ultimate Fitness Kit
Rodial Super Fit Ultimate Fitness Kit: image credit Rodial

Uh-oh.. Rodial are back with more body shaming products; this time, the Super Fit range which has absolutely nothing to do with fitness (a beauty cream won’t make you fit, or even look fit unless you already are). I’m not going to run through the products, other than to say Tummy Tuck is back only this time has the Superfit label ahead of it and also Size Zero. I’ve been meaning to do a post on body creams in general – ones that state they can help you lose weight or look slimmer in some way and spotting this has given me a nudge to get on with it.

It’s really not helpful for any beauty product to be labelled Size Zero – last time I posted on this I came under fire for taking it too literally but the purpose of a label like that is to be aspirational; to key into body fears and the vain hope that a cream might just tackle fat. It doesn’t. Only exercising more or eating healthily does that. You might get beautifully soft skin, in which case, yay, but there are many other creams that can do this that don’t sit on your bathroom shelf screaming “your body is all wrong” in a way that a product labelled Size Zero or Tummy Tuck does. There isn’t really anything else to say on this that hasn’t been said in frequent Rodial posts before, other than that shoving Super Fit in front of product names is just a further dig at those who feel less than perfect in terms of size and fitness.

As we all know, the beauty industry is superb at knocking you down to sell you a product that will build you back up again. It’s up to you whether you fall for it in hope or expectation. Either way, that cream still won’t make you a size zero or fit. The whole set, by the way, as shown above is £198.10.

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