Seriously, nothing gets on my nerves more than the label, Cougar when it’s attached as a moniker for older women. Connotations include predatory, hungry and aggressive. So, masters of the attention-grabbing label, Rodial, are introducing a line of skin care devoted to menopausal women under the name Cougar.

For many women, menopause is a time of extreme discomfort and worry about ageing. It’s the surest sign of all that your youth is well and truly behind you. Hot flushes, a racing heart, headaches, loss of libido, hair thinning – they’re all part and parcel of it for many, although not all, women. Health wise, depleted oestrogen puts you at risk of brittle bones. Menopause is a natural state for every women – it comes to everyone, and some people deal with it in a very positive way, embracing the changes and enjoying the freedom from any chance whatsoever of getting pregnant. But, even if you are the most positive woman in the whole world about your menopause, I cannot imagine you would want the Cougar label slapped upon you – imagine even linking the two?

Ageing gracefully is what most women aspire to – and that doesn’t exclude the odd disgraceful moment – menopause and ageing doesn’t mean no fun! But a skin cream for Cougars – oh, please. How demeaning. Aggression, sexual hunger and a predatory attitude to men is absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with treating your skin and maintaining your looks. It’s not helpful, it’s not kind and it’s something I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I’ve got no problem with skin care aimed at menopausal women – if it helps, then it’s a good thing. But, I very much have a problem with cougar. The range is also claiming to be the first aimed at menopausal skin; tell that to Stratum C featured in The Daily Mail in 2013.

There were some stores who made the decision not to stock Size Zero, one of Rodial’s other majorly unhelpful product ranges. And there were those that absolutely, categorically deemed it ‘a bit of fun’ and took to social media to say so. Well, think on at how funny it is when you can’t sleep at night because you’re so damn hot, when you’re doing your level best to treat your skin with nourishing ingredients that help to keep it smooth and bright and you’re desperate to stop your hair thinning – and then wonder at the woman that produced a range that labelled you a cougar.


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