Just when I thought I’d found my perfect winter foundation in Nars, a sharp eye’d PR spotted the post and the time between her emailing me to see if I wanted to test Second Skin and it arriving at my door was one hour. Impressive! But then I spoiled the speed factor by not testing it until this morning. I’m annoyed with myself now though, because I’ve spent three days not using the best foundation I think I’ve ever tried. Without this sounding like a paid for post (fear not…it isn’t!!), Second Skin is a complete revelation. On the skin it feels very light, but it’s not so feather light that you can’t actually feel it – you can. In terms of coverage however, it’s absolutely amazing. It does leave the complexion looking utterly flawless – kind of airbrushed – and lasts the whole day through. High res pigments and a perfect water/skin synergy formula gives an almost perfect finish. Superdrug currently have it online for £9.69 – normal price is £13.69 and I notice Boots.com are offering a sampling service for Second Skin (yes, you’ll be stuck on a mailing list for all eternity, but you might feel its a good enough pay-off). I generally am in the priviledged position of being able to lay my hands on any foundation I’d like (which makes me veer, unfairly I know, towards more expensive options), but hand on heart I can say Second Skin easily outperforms pricier rivals.

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