Not surprisingly, the Botox brand get thoroughly fed up (but their lawyers rub their hands with glee) everytime a skin care brand says their product gives a ‘Botox’ like effect. Botox is a brand name for botulinum toxin. Anyway, US brand, Revance, are currently working on a topical botulinum toxin.. i.e. wipe-on, er, Botox-a-like, called RT001 (it’s not that catchy) which you apply just like a face cream but to specific areas, notably the outer eye corner creases that have a tendency to seep down the cheeks when you smile (crow’s feet, but I hate that term). Trials done in 2009 indicated a significant reduction in the creases. It’s unlikely to work to the same degree as injected botulinum but that’s not to say it won’t make significant inroads into your eye-smile creases. The stats from trials look good (tested on 550 people) but you’ll still need to go to a clinic to have it administered.. which somewhat defeats the point of having a cream because it is still likely to cost plenty if you need a physician to dab it on. I’m guessing this might be because they don’t want to be at the arse-end of a law suit where jokers have frozen their sleeping friends faces for a laugh.

It’s nowhere near ready for release yet: it has several FDA approvals to go through, but for the needle-phobes, it might well be a saving grace.

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