Ok, ok.. at the same time that I had the CO2RE laser treatment with Dr Haus, I also had some Restylane Vital. I wasn’t planning to, but I was so curious to try as I’d never come across it before that nice Dr Haus agreed. I’m hugely impressed with this although did not like the procedure itself. 

Restylane Vital is a non-animal derived hyaluronic acid gel that basically replenishes lost natural hyaluronic. It is termed as a filler but doesn’t bulk the skin up, but more gives the skin a plumped and hydrated look that I personally feel has given my skin a much need boost. My complexion definitely looks plumper and younger, there is no doubt about that, but it is a very natural look so if you didn’t know I’d had it you’d probably just think I had had a very good night’s sleep. 

So, the procedure itself. It is done by what is called ‘micro-puncture’. It isn’t nice. Bottom line is that your skin is punctured (so it bleeds, or mine did, anyway) many times to the deep dermis with a micro-dose of hyularonic going in each time. I would reckon I had possibly twenty on either side of my face around the cheek area. While the Restylane formula (NASHA gel) comes with built-in anaesthetic, it is still uncomfortable to experience. I hate the term ‘no pain, no gain’ but in this instance it is true. The gain, for me, was very much worth the pain, but I don’t want to paint anything other than a true picture of what it is like. 

It’s not cheap either, coming in at around £700, and nor is it permanent, but I would genuinely recommend this if you are open to non-surgical cosmetic procedures and you want a proper complexion boost.  While this particular treatment was complimentary, I’d definitely pay to have it done.

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