REN Perfect Canvas

The REN Perfect Canvas is one of the most interesting skin products I’ve seen in a while. Billed as a ‘skin finishing’ serum, it’s designed to go over the top of your moisturiser and under your foundation with the theory being that it mattifies away any ‘moisture’ shine and gives a smoother skin look. It’s a clear fluid that’s slightly more runny than what you might think of as a traditional serum consistency. There are other skin finishing serums (DCL for one) but none that are quite the same.  You could just mix it with your moisturiser if you don’t want the extra step.

REN Perfect Canvas

As you can see on the label, it’s silicone free which I think will be a big draw to anyone who doesn’t get along with them. As well as being full of hyaluronic acid, it also uses an ingredient called Agave tequilana that does the faux silicone thing of smoothing and mattifying while acting as ‘grip’ for your base. Plus a bit of (friendly) bacteria growth thanks to a-glucans and probiotic extracts.

In use, I did find it smoothing and hydrating but you don’t get that film of ‘matte’ that you do get with silicone mattifiers – it’s not quite that level of effectiveness, but on the other hand, it feels very natural on the skin which I find silicone mattifiers don’t. It didn’t effect the longevity or coverage of my foundation (in this instance, Chanel) and gave a fraction of blur. But, it’s a fraction not a wash. I like it for being different – I can easily see, if you are someone who loves the ritual of getting ready, that this would be a lovely, perfecting addition to your routine. The only downside is that it’s £50 and even though it promises all sorts of benefits over time, I think that’s a lot of money for something that feels optional, not essential.

REN Perfect Canvas launches in September.


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