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Remington Vacuum Beard & Grooming Kit

I don’t get asked to post about men’s products very often, but as it turns out, the Remington Vacuum Beard & Grooming kit has been a hit with women, too.

It’s a clever little gadget that hoovers up loose strands of hair as you trim. For anyone who has ever stared at that little pool of stubble ‘n foam or grimaced for the millionth time at the fact your sink has formed hair of its own due to that fact that SOMEONE hasn’t rinsed the bowl out yet again, it’s pretty much a winner. That’s why us ladies are loving it – it’s stealth-tidying. They haven’t a clue. It’s occurred to me while writing this that mirrors are always by the sink in the bathroom; hence part of the problem. A mirror above the bin, maybe? Not so good for brushing teeth.

But, as I’ve no experience in my household of full on beards, I’m taking full advice from my good friend Lee at who has given this the proper tried and tested. First up, he’s grateful not to have to get his plunger out! Secondly, the big advantage is that it’s a full on kit so two different heads mean you can actually sculpt your beard and shave out where necessary without having to take to a wet razor shave for the finer detail. Unless you’re shaving a yeti, the holder for all those little bits that would otherwise be on the bathroom floor or swimming about the sink will accommodate a normal beard trim, er, trimmings.

And, let’s not forget about the guys who like to shave on the move – usually in their pants – while changing the TV channel you’re watching without asking and making a morning cuppa and leaving the tea-bag by the kettle. Guys who like to shave on the move won’t be leaving their iron filings all over the newly polished floor.

Kind of loving the Remington Vacuum Beard & Grooming Kit for its relationship saving properties…. because that sink can really get to you after a while…

You can find it HERE for £54.99.

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