I’ve put Chris hard at work testing a huge array of men’s products. Here’s his view on Lauder owned Lab Series:

Lab Series Skincare for Men.

‘Take Control, Reduce Shine, Prevent Breakouts, Improve skins appearance.’

That’s what Aramis advertise for their new range of Skincare products.I must say they are very good, I really felt my skin cleaner and fresher after using them. I really liked the Skin Revitalizer Lotion; it is unlike any Lotion/Moisturiser I have used before. Loved it, the 50ml bottle only did last about 2 weeks though, but made my skin feel so good, I already bought some more. It does not leave it greasy like other moisturisers and feels quite natural on the skin as is fragrance free. Brilliant !!

Lab Series Instant Moisture mask,

They are like real paper masks you put on your face, and they have a lovely fresh feel. And the good thing is, if someone rings on the doorbell, you can just rip it off real quick. My dog started barking at me when i put this on! My skin felt quite exfoliated and nourished after using it. Nice to use it before bed to make sure the skin is nourished.

Lab Series Invigorating face scrub.

This is a great scrub, it is fragrance free, and they advise to maybe use it only 3 times a week, it did feel quite rough on the skin, but I like that.

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