Because I have lash extensions, I’m not able to test this product out. However, I have seen the results on someone, and quite frankly, she looked like actually needed to trim her lashes a bit, they’d grown so long! While Rapid Lash is late to the lash growth party, it does come in at a much more affordable price than most of the other formulations, at £39.99 at Boots (and I notice they have it on free home delivery at the moment), making a little bit more accessible. Using polypeptides, proteins, Panthenol and vitamins to condition lashes and promote growth, from what I’ve seen, the results are nothing short of wow! I’ve spoken to several users of lash growth promoting formulations and they all say that patience is key. You think nothing’s happening for weeks and then suddenly, it all kicks in and your lashes start sprouting like weeds – maybe not the best analogy, but you know what I mean.

With any lash growth product there can be sensitivities. According to reports, Rapid Lash uses a prostaglandin derivative which can cause skin darkening on the lash line that fades over time, and is not, as yet an FDA approved ingredient. Obviously, if you have any sensitivity, stop using it immediately, but all reports I’ve researched mark it as safe to use. You must bear in mind that any like products that claim to ‘promote’ growth, in fact have no medical ingredients that physically cause lashes to grow, despite links to glaucoma treatments. What they do have, however, is majorly potent conditioning and strengthening ingredients that allow lashes to blossom to their full potential.

Anyway, the bottom line of it all is that Rapid Lash absolutely does work.

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