I’ve mentioned the next generation BB creams; the CC creams and finally have some to play with. The best known CCs are the Rachel K ones; and the claims are that CCs are a more refined and improved version of BBs. Let’s face it, the glut of BBs we have at the moment are of very varying qualities – don’t even talk to me about the ones with no SPF which despite the BB label have ruled themselves out from the get-go as even being a BB at all. 

So, while I must admit to struggling to truly understand what changes a BB to a CC, I’ll just take this at face value for now and go with the premise that it is a better version of the original BB. Actually, what the Rachel K CC has that no other BB has in my experience is EGF (epidermal growth factor that reignites skin cells – proof of which I have seen with my own eyes from BIOEffect; far and away the best EGF cream I’ve ever come across). So just that addition of EGF into a make up product is something new to me. 

As far as actually using it – the consistency is good; if I can compare it texturally it would be at the higher end, so Bobbi Brown or Dior, but for my skin tone it is too pale to use at the moment. It dries down to a semi-matte finish and also moisturises, contains SPF35, anti-ageing ingredients plus whitening ingredients, is enriched with collagen and is both smudge proof and water proof.. whew! The Color Control CC cream has a heavier, more make-up like coverage but feels lighter and apparently, compared to BB, has a less oily texture and better coverage and hold.

The Rachel K Mineral Powder (in a pretty crystal studded compact) is a 4-in-1 foundation with EGF, organic shea butter and Vitamin E and gives full coverage. 

I am not sure whether these products are yet available to the UK, but I have certainly seen it on Ebay. Look out for Olay doing something very CC-ish in the near future, while Chanel already have one that is Asia only.

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