Prismologie Body Care

I’ve said many times that we’re short on decent mid-price body care in the UK, and just as I was saying it yet again, up pops Prismologie Body Care to neatly fill a gap. However, it’s not a straightforward range and a bit like fairies, you’re going to be a believer or a non-believer.

The idea of Prismologie Body Care is to guide your mood through colour and fragrances, with gem stones thrown in for good measure. The term ‘prismology’ exists within the world of healing as a form of energy healing and the same for gem stone healing – it does actually exist. We all know that aromatherapy can have powerful effects on mood and wellbeing, and also colour can dicatate or enhance a mood. I’m suspending belief on gem stones though, although I do know they can make very good exfoliators!

Prismology Body Care
Prismologie Body Care

There are six core ranges on their way: White Beginning for clarity, Yellow Day for confidence, Red Hour for vigour, Green Epoch for serenity, Pink o’Clock for compassion and Indigo Interlude for stillness. Each of the ranges has a colour, a gemstone (within the blends) and a fragrance incorporated into the body care items.

Of all the colours of the rainbow, I’m most drawn to yellow. I don’t own any yellow clothes and none of my house is yellow, but I always, always notice it and I think I look longer at it than other colours. I’ve had a go at wearing yellow, but my ‘uniform’ is black trousers and I looked like a big bee. So, I can quite see that starting your day with a yellow mood would be a big attraction – if you could translate that colour feeling into an actual mood – how wonderful. But, I think you have to be in right mood to start off with to even be able to contemplate opening yourself up to mood enhancing through colours and gemstones.

If you’re a non-believer, the quality of the products is even more important; I’ve only, at this early stage, tried a couple of products (although I have smelled all of them) and they do seem to tick all the right quality boxes. The fragrances are created by Ruth Mastenbroek, who is very well known in fragrance world, so I’ll quickly run through the main notes for each range. Yellow Day is bergamot and citrus, The Red Hour is cedarwood and saffron,  Green Epoch is vetiver and grapefruit, Pink O’Clock is rose and honey, Indigo Interlude is oud and amber and White Interlude is neroli and musk. Ingredients appear to be carefully picked; bamboo water, camellia seed oils, moringa seed, oat extracts, Acai oil, argan oil and coconut extracts to name but a few.

When the Prismologie Body Care launches into SpaceNK in a few week’s time, if you are passing, do test it out. Prismologie Body Care is a range that needs to be experienced first-hand, regardless of the big sell. I have no idea whether gemstone extracts will help your mood at all, and indeed cannot guarantee that the colours or fragrances will either, but I like it for putting something different out there so if you can make the connection between red and passion, for example, either physically or emotionally, then it’s a range that will really resonate. One to watch, I think. Price wise, it’s anything between £30 and £65.

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