Primark are seriously upping their beauty offerings – I rate their oval make up brushes (£3) so popped in to get another and spotted a whole skin care section that I’d previously been unaware of. Everything from Micellar Waters (£3) to Night Creams and everything in between – including Cleansing Wipes For Men which is something most brands haven’t really caught onto yet. Just shoving ‘for men’ on the packet and making the colouring grey and black marks out a whole other market for boys who want to cleanse but can’t quite be bothered to get into the whole beauty routine of it.

So, along with an oval brush I popped a £4 Night Cream into my bag, thinking I’d do an ingredient check and run it past a formulator friend.

The claims on the packaging (it’s UK made, by the way) are that after 4 weeks use, ‘fine lines will be reduced’ and skin will be more moisturised. Checking with my friend, and based on their appraisal of the ingredient list (above), that is a claim that can be substantiated, if only on the grounds that yes, your skin will be more hydrated if you use it for 4 weeks and therefore plumper, which in turn would indeed push out fine lines so they’re less obvious.

But, the really interesting thing is that it’s exactly the same formula (with some shifting around of ingredients on the inci), as Tesco Pro-Formula Anti-Ageing Night Cream, which also sells for £4 (although it looks as though it’s no longer for sale at all). In amongst the basic essential moisturising ingredients, you’ll find Q10 and Green Tea.

Primark Night Cream

Bearing in mind that the moisturiser is in a glass jar, it’s 50ml, and has some decent packaging around it, and still needs to make some kind of profit (factor in warehousing, logistics etc), the actual product has to only cost fractions of pennies to produce. If all you need or want is a basic moisturiser, there is nothing wrong with this one.


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