I watched a Prescriptives show on QVC over Christmas (yes, there really was nothing on tv!), and was so glad I did as I picked up a couple of very useful tips. Firstly, Prescriptives Perfect Every Line gel eyeliners can be used on the inner rims of the eyes, khol style – I’ve tried Sage and Licoorice now – and they look absolutely stunning. Sage, which is a beautiful golden green makes my brown eyes look instantly Mediterranean, and topped with lots of deep, black mascara they literally shimmer. Licorice does what black khol always does; give a slutty-pretty look which I adore. However, regular khol can end up pooling into eye corners which is not a good look. The gel, with it’s waterproof consistency, doesn’t seem to do this. I’ve tried blending a little of the black gel (Licorice) with Sage to give a darker green, and it makes for a great mix. Application isn’t nearly as easy as it looks on tv when the make up artist does it!! Using a tiny, fine point brush, I ended up with watery eyes, but have now got the hang of small, gentle dabs rather than eye-irritating sweeps – I still can’t quite get the upper inner rims covered without much blinking and eye wiping! The other thing I learned was that make up sponges suck up all your foundation so it ends up in the sponge, not on your face. I knew this, but it took the QVC show for me to finally convince me that sponges being good applicators is just another beauty myth.

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