A couple of weeks ago I asked PR agencies if they’d like to run my blog for a day – just so they can really see what goes on behind the scenes and learn a bit more about how blogging is done.

Although several agencies were game-on, I opted for Pure PR because they’re centrally based and I’ve worked with them for years so completely trust them to mind my blog. So, this is a call-out really to other PR agencies as a heads up. One person (Kelly) at Pure will have complete access to and control over my emails, texts and tweets so if you have something you really do not want to be seen by a third party, please mark it Private & Confidential and it will stay that way for me to read the next day. Kelly will sign an NDA, however, although I’m not sure it’s necessary.

Blog posts written by Kelly will be marked as such at the end of the post. She has a busy day ahead so do feel free to Tweet her @britbeautyblog on Thursday to see how she’s getting on.

Transparency Disclosure

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