Going on sale in the UK this week is the cellulite serum that apparantly gets rid of the look of cellulite in 9 minutes! It’s causing a degree of controversy because scientists think the claims are hokum, and yet Adonia are so confident of results they’re posting before and afters all over their website and offering a money back guarantee. Containing organic grapefruit oil, organic lemon peel oil and organic neroli oil to name but a few ingredients, the ones that are causing most science-y questions are the plant stem cells, which sound very fancy. However, it’s doubtful that plant stem cells could replicate any functions on the human body, but Adonia claim they ‘reawaken and reactivate your body’s own domant and weak skin stem cells.” The findings of Adonia’s trial claims a 47% reduction in cellulite after 9 minutes, and yet curiously only a 72% decrease after 6 weeks. I’m no statistician but that seems strange to me. The trials don’t seem to have been conducted against other products and I can’t find mention of how many women were trialled. Yet, a quick trawl through Google shows that there are many positive comments from users in the USA, so even if the plant stem cells do absolutely zip, the product seems to have garnered a firm fan base, even appearing in the Oscar goodie bags. It sells for £68, www.adonialegtone.com

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