I met Sam Chapman (one half of the Pixiwoos duo) a year ago outside Harrods to see the Chanel World exhibition; I was embarrassingly fan-girl but genuinely thrilled to meet her and it turned out she really is as lovely as you’d hope. Before we took to the 5th floor of Harvey Nichols for a drink and a gossip, I stood aside while she was stopped by star-struck fans for a photo in Chanel. It’s that little snippet that gives you an insight into what it is like to be one of the most well-known faces on YouTube. People point, stare and whisper – it’s not entirely comfortable but there is just as much a price to be paid for being famous on YT as there is being the star of any blockbuster movie. 
And the Pixiwoos phenomena is an unstoppable train right now; they’ve clocked a mind-bending 117,953,102 views with their make-up tutorials on YouTube. Fans are going to be thrilled with the news that Sam and Nic are creating Two Magazine – a digital magazine crammed with make-up advice, news and looks. I got a few minutes with Sam recently to ask all the burning questions about their new venture.
You’re creating Two Magazine becauseWe wanted to create a digital interactive magazine that would draw attention to, highlight and connect our readers to the many creative and extremely talented people that we have had the pleasure to know and be inspired by during our careers. The people behind the camera that contribute to the success of a photograph, the ones that aren’t always given the attention they deserve. TWO is all about those people and their art: Make-up Artists, Photographers, Stylists, Hairdressers, Writers, Bloggers, Artists, Models… whoever. 
Do you feel like you are taking on print with a digital version of a beauty magazine? Print and on-line haven’t been easy bed-fellows for quite some time particularly in the beauty sphere. Not at all. We haven’t set out to take anyone on. We are publishing a digital magazine as this is the platform we have most experience with and where our audience are connecting with us most at the moment. Print does some things digital can’t and vice versa.
Any future plans to take Two from digital to print? It’s all about beauty right now and you have a huge existing fan base to bring to the print party.  No plans, we want to keep the magazine free and available to our entire audience worldwide. The digital version allows anyone with an internet connection to own a copy. 
Have you ever been approached for reality TV and would you do it? Every now and then TV Production companies pop up with some ideas, but nothing interesting yet. It’s important to us that we stay in touch with the people who talk to us every day on social media and I think TV is something that will move more towards YouTube rather than the other way around. 
Do you feel the initial misunderstandings between working make-up artists and amateurs on YouTube and Blogs have been resolved? On the rare occasion that a misunderstanding occurs the nature of social media magnifies these situations and blows them up out of all proportion. There are tons of talented people working in Social Media on YouTube and Blogs and loads more talented makeup artists who don’t have YouTube channels. Most of our friends are the latter and find Social Media fascinating although not something they have the time to really get involved in.
For upcoming trends, what do make of the Carine Roitfeld ‘Tired All The Time’ look coming up with her MAC collaboration?    Some of my favourite looks are the deconstructed ‘tired, just got out of bed, haven’t tried too hard’ looks so this collection sits perfectly with me. 
I love make-up products that are creative and exciting visually – do you have a favourite collection that went over and above on blending the art and beauty world?  There are two that spring to mind for very different reasons. I loved the MAC & Gareth Pugh collection. It included products that were quite unique (Restrict Lipstick, Flight lashes, Outrage Lipglass, both Metal-X eyeshadows) but combined with Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio film and visuals and Val Garland’s make-up artistry I found it entirely captivating. Another great collection was the ILLAMASQUA Toxic Nature Collection. While the visuals are undoubtedly creative they don’t massively appeal to me but the colours and products in the collection are staples in my kit. Hollow cream pigment is the perfect contour colour for very fair skin and can be mixed with Delirium for a darker contour. Emerge and Androgen give a great natural flush to skin or work perfectly as colour correctors along with Dab and Bedaub. The nail polish included two beautiful shades of ash (Bacterium and Stagnate) offset by three brights, a Peach (Purity), Neon Orange (Gamma) and Acidic Lime (Radium). A very versatile and extremely well thought out colour palette imo.  
What’s your prediction for the nail art trend? Is it here to stay or already departing? I’ve never embraced it myself as it’s not my style, I like simple nails. Saying that, I do respect the creativity and talent required to be good at it and I have seen some amazing tutorials on YouTube. I hope it sticks around a bit longer because it’s fun and if it encourages people to experiment and be creative it can only be a good thing.    
You are reading?   I usually have a few books on the go at any one time but this week I am entirely engrossed in just the one, Michael Jackson The Magic and the Madness by J Randy Taraborrelli
Do you have any habits you’d like to break?    I would like to step away from work more often. I enjoy my work so I often find that bringing the laptop home interferes with my evenings and weekends (hence I am answering these questions on a Sunday at 23:29pm).   I also wish I cared less about the things people say about me online.  
Quickfire Five:
Heels or flats? I want to say heels but flats are so comfy.
Dog or cat? We have a family dog called Babs (named after Barbra Streisand) and we all love her. 
Party or sleep? I’m a parent…you even have to ask!?
TV or radio? Radio. I listen to Alternative Portland and wish it was the nineties all over again
Sightseeing or beach? Sightseeing. Sand makes me itch.
If you’re ready to sign up for Two Magazine, head HERE. Two Magazine’s first issue is live on October 1st. 

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