Blimey..this is one serious piece of kit. The claim? Over a three month period of twice weekly use, your skin will look as glowing as if you’d had a clinic laser peel as well as boosting collagen production and refining contours and complexion.
You’ll notice this is a sponsored post and I think were it not for that I might have well shied away from using this because me and gadgets are a poor match. I’m also mightily distrustful of claims of the same quality of results with home treatments as clinics with their weighty and power-packed machines. 
Firstly, I can say that this is incredibly easy to use.. even I could do it first time with no problem at all. When you buy the Philips ReAura which is exclusively at SpaceNK, you should be given a run-through of how it works and some questions to establish whether your skin is suitable in the first place. You can’t buy this machine on-line because it does need a personal assessment first and I quite see why.
I’ve had laser treatments at clinics, most recently the laser eye lift (whose effects I have to say have just kept on going – I am thrilled with it), so I understand the burny feeling that comes afterwards. It isn’t nice – at all. All you want to do is shove your face in the nearest ice bucket, but that’s a clinic treatment with a proper doctor at the helm, so a home device won’t do the same thing, surely? Oh, yes it will. Make no mistake, and that’s why I say this is a serious bit of kit, you will very much feel it on your skin. Unlike the COR2E laser treatment I had, the ReAura won’t cause such extreme effects that skin goes brown, hardens and drops off (nothing is simple, right?) but you will feel your skin heat up and stay heated for about an hour or so afterwards. It is not to the same extent as clinic laser after-burn, but you will most definitely feel it. The laser works by projecting thousands of microscopic laser beams down the epidermis and the dermis to trigger cell renewall; fresher skin cells contain more collagen, therefore the result should be plumper, younger looking skin.
To use, after it’s all fired up and everything, you simply switch it on, select the strength (unless you have the world’s most sensitive skin, you should opt for setting 3) and with the help of some gel to give the Re-Aura some slip as you manoever it over your face, you simply glide it along your face, mentally dividing it into quarters. Go along and then go down. As long as the two sensors are connecting with your skin correctly, a green light shows, which means all is working well. I found it very, very easy and didn’t take more than ten minutes to do my whole face. While you’re doing it, you’ll notice a slight stinging sensation which isn’t pleasant but is easily bearable.
Once I’d finished, I had to wipe off the gel with a cool cloth, but my skin remained hot and annoyed for about an hour. My face also looked rather red. It just feels stingy – like sun-burn. There is some after-cream to use.. I slathered that on, hoping for a cooling sensation, which came but was rather too brief. 
The other drawback I noticed is that you can’t do the bridge of your nose, where in a lot of people, there are open pores and sun damage that could well do with a little treatment. I’m going to try again though, I might just get it to work. 
The following day, my skin had completely returned to normal and other than feeling slightly drier than usual (easily combatted with extra moisturiser) was fine.
I’m going to be posting twice more on this product with updates: it certainly feels like it is going to work, if the sting is anything to go by. At £799 this is a serious beauty consideration; you won’t need it if your skin is in the full bloom of youth, but for skin that is starting to show signs of ageing and for those considering clinic laser treatments (which are really pricy) it could be a worthwhile investment. 
I’ll report honestly and fairly on how I get on in two further sponsored posts but in the meantime, read more HERE
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