Okay, so I’ve been using this home laser treatment for about a month now and I have to say that I am starting to feel its benefits in skin firmness. The skin on my face definitely has a tighter feel to it, so on that basis, it is working. It’s a little bit harder to say what effects it is having on lines and wrinkles because I see my face every day – quite hard then to judge tiny changes, although you would think it should be easy. 

I’m still finding it very easy to use – it’s design is perfect for hugging the contours and I can get my whole face done in about ten minutes. I’ve also started using it on my neck and under my chin, but because it didn’t occur to me at the beginning to do that, I have a bit of catching up to do. One place I do find a bit tricky is my forehead.. because it is bony – the Philips ReAura likes soft, pliable flesh to glide over, and it does take more effort to get it to behave on the forehead. 

Overall, I’m starting to actually enjoy having it in my routine. I’d like to say the stinging and heat reduces over time, but I don’t think it does – but I am getting more used to it so it isn’t intrusive or bothersome. I feel impatient to do a final post after four more weeks – with tangible results so far, it’s exciting to see how far the Philips ReAura can go in terms of firming and smoothing. I’m thinking about doing it on my hands as well. Oh, one thing I will say is that my skin has adjusted and isn’t feeling so dry post treatment. Anyway, you can see more about the machine HERE

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