This is my final post on the Philips ReAura, the home laser system based on Fraxel technology. After several weeks of twice-weekly use, I’d definitely give this the thumbs up with a couple of caveats. I never did get used to the hot and burny feeling afterwards; it’s a side-effect that isn’t severe but it’s there and on hot nights, with a hot face, it really isn’t the most comfortable of feelings. If I’d been more sensible, I’d have saved this trial for cooler months! Everyone will have their own tolerace limit, and the feeling is entirely tolerable, but I just want to make it clear that your skin will feel hot. The other caveat is that you have to be age-appropriate to use it – you really won’t get the skin firming benefits if your complexion is still in that lovely, youthful state of natural plumpness and firmness. 

Those caveats aside, where I’ve really seen a noticable difference is in firmness, fine lines and luminosity. I have only just started using it on my neck where I have noticable crepiness and wish I’d started doing it at the same time as my face. I’ve looked at some of the other results on line and it seems to do miraculous things for the jaw line. There is indisputable evidence on my skin that fine lines (particularly round the eyes) are less noticable and that overall skin texture is improved and I am very impressed with the firming effect. The Philips ReAura is a sound investment for skin showing signs of ageing if you’re good at sticking with a programme. 

You will, without a doubt, see a difference and you will keep on seeing improvements the longer you use it; ReAura works out, even at £799, as money well spent. If you already, or are likely to, invest in clinic laser treatments, you really might as well have the ReAura where you can go at your own pace with excellent, tangible results. My skin did feel dry at first while using this; I had to bump up the hydration a lot, although interestingly, while it felt dry to me, it didn’t actually look dry. It’s worth noting this as it is nothing to worry about, but you might want to try a very gentle exfoliation followed by plenty of moisturiser or hydrating oil. Find it HERE

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