Hair removal..just one of life’s irritating essentials, but for the life of me I cannot bear a hairy leg or armpit. So, faced with waxing, shaving or sugaring, I tend to go for the strip wax at home option on legs and bikini, but cannot deal with that under my arms. I’ve always – unhappily – opted for the razor. I was asked if I’d like to trial the Philips Lumea at home Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment, and had my first session under instruction today. Given that I have used Tria, another at-home laser removal system – it wasn’t really a great surprise at how easy Lumea is to use. Basically, you simply press the ‘window’ to the skin area and press a button. There’s a bright light flash and then you move on to the next section. The ‘window’ is actually very user friendly – it is big enough that it doesn’t take for ever to cover one pit, and rectangular in shape, it is simple to keep track of where you have already done as long as you apply a systematic approach. The light based depilation system takes eight weeks to banish hair (one session every fortnight for 8 weeks) but doesn’t *promise* that some hair won’t grow back. I know from the experience of others that you can end up going to a salon for an IPL treatment for months and months before you see real results. At least with the at-home version, once you’ve paid out, then you can use it as often as it takes to get rid of that very last hair. If it does what it says it will, The Philips Lumea is really quite impressive.

There are a lot of provisos with Lumea – you need the right hair colour, the right skin type and colour etc and it isn’t going to be suitable for everyone, but I will do another couple of posts including the end result after 8 weeks.

The main question on everyone’s lips is Does It Hurt. Uh, no. It didn’t hurt me; just felt like a tiny hot flash. The at home gadget £399 from Boots.

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