[sample/affiliate/ad]* You know, I really think that it’s peak blemish time and I am not sure why. I have so many friends who are complaining of break outs when they don’t usually have them, and I’ve even had a few myself and I very rarely get any form of spot. Is it stress? Time of life? I don’t have any answers as to the why but I can at least help toward seeing them off.

Perricone MD Blemish Relief Set

I know that my own skin resilience has changed over the years – I’m more sensitive than I used to be for a start, and a bit more prone to dryness. So, maybe it’s no surprise that a few blemishes pop up to say an unwelcome hello. If you are finding that blemishes are there almost permanently, the Perricone Blemish Relief Prebiotic Blemish Therapy set is a 90 day reset for that exact circumstance. There’s a reason that there are over a billion searches for ‘adult acne’ on Google. There are three stages in the set  – Blemish Relief Cleanser, Blemish Relief Calming Treatment & Hydrator for day time and Blemish Relief Retinol Treatment & Moisturiser. The Targeted Spot Treatment is a separate purchase for one-off zits.

Perricone MD Blemish Relief Set

The cleanser should be used both day and night as a bacteria slayer – it’s non-foamy, wash-off, dead skin clearing formula that uses salicylic acid, sucrose and squalene to support the skin. Salicylic features across the set – it’s so useful for breakouts and blemishes but it’s important that it’s put with the right ingredients. The Calming Treatment & Hydrator uses squalene with lactic and succinic acid (usually found in sugar cane) so it’s doing the double job of hydrating and resurfacing. The night time Retinol Treatment & Moisturiser is fast absorbing and gives an accelerated exfoliation without stripping the complexion. Niacinamide, retinol and citrulline peptides are the powerhouses of this blend. And of course, probiotics work across the set to replenish the good bacteria as the blemish causing bacteria diminishes.

Perricone MD Blemish Relief Set

The set is currently on an exceptionally good offer – half price (it’s a value set of £122 to start with) from £89 to £44.50 HERE and I’ve managed to get an extra 25% off it too, if it’s your first purchase from this site (which can include anything over £80) using code  BBBWYS80. If you don’t have breakouts or regular blemishes, this isn’t for you, but if you feel that your complexion is out of sorts and you’re constantly fighting spots that appear out of nowhere, it’s one to snap up.

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