Chat Perf

I heard about this Japanese gadget months ago and because I didn’t know the name of it, it was really hard to find – but some of the tech sites have picked up on it so I’ve managed to get some info. Basically, an atomizer that you attach to your iPhone for – well, I don’t know – scented phone calls? Candy Crush with a fruity note? Face Time with fragrance?

ChatPerf works by sending a puff of perfume to accompany messages or emails. Imagine that! I can see this is totally going to revolutionise fragrance PR and marketing world… you get sent a fragrance capsule to attach to your phone, then along comes the email to trigger it. So far, it seems, ChatPerf have their own perfume capsules (you can see a prototype HERE) so you’re at their mercy initially as far as what you’ll be able to sell. I don’t think it has made it to market fully yet, but I cannot wait to try it when it does.

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