Paul & Joe Paper Masks

I see exactly where the individually wrapped ‘paper masks’ concept comes from – the lotion mask trend from Japan. These are just promotional packs from Paul & Joe – not for sale, but come on now, who wouldn’t want kitten shaped cotton? Lotion Masks involve paper thin pieces of cotton wool soaked in an essence and applied to the face: a bit like making your own slice mask really. The Paul & Joe Paper Masks are designed exactly for that (Paul & Joes Herbal Lotion would be idea for this).

I prefer the notion of a lotion mask than regular sheet masks actually, because it puts you more in charge of what goes on your face – I’m starting to have a lot of doubts about the cheap and cheerful sheet masks. By pre-soaking your cotton wool (ultimately, the paper masks are just cat shaped pieces of cotton wool… but, oh!) in a lotion of your choice you can bypass the cheaper sheet formulas and do a proper job. Leave your tissue slices on for 20 minutes or so for an intensive skin treatment. Most lotions are hydrating, although their primary job is to soften and prepare skin for moisturiser going on afterwards.

Paul & Joe Paper Masks

I’m just kind of hoping – because not everyone is into lotions – that eventually P&J will just do us a nice box of cat shaped cotton wool, rather than individuals. Because I’d buy them!

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