I’ve been trying the new Sugar Butter solid fragrance from Ormonde Jayne in my favourite OJ scent; Ta’If. If you haven’t discovered Ta’If it’s an oriental, spicy rose that defies the category really. I wouldn’t ever pick out an oriental or a spicy perfume – call me bland but I love a floral with a touch of exotic, but never an oriental! But, this is bliss. The beauty of the Sugar Butter formulation is that there is no wait for the fragrance to reveal; no alcohol to disperse and no settling in on the skin – the sugar butter seems to just melt on contact leaving in its wake a warm and heady perfume.
I personally don’t feel it lasts as long as a conventional fragrance formula but I’m really not complaining; it truly is delicious. The one complaint I do have is the shimmer – oh my life.. does everything need to glitter? Really? I put the butter on my wrists, so every time I smell them I get glitter on my nose. So not what I want. Nor do I want random glitter on my neck. But if you’re prepared to dab on the cleavage it looks rather pretty.
If you’re reading OJ, please make it without shimmer!

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