When I was sent this to try, I had no idea how much it cost, so I’m just going to review it as though I didn’t know the price! We’ll come to that at the end. 

Okay, so I am very, very fond of orange blossom fragrances, and can’t help but compare this to the Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne. Organic Glam takes the edge for me; it is less powdery in construction and you get a full belt of almost undiluted blossoms. Containing Brazilian Tangerine, Green Mandarin and Sweet Orange as top notes, they’re highly complimentary to the heart of Moroccan Orange Blossom. I can definitely pick up the citrus notes, but like chocolate sauce over ice-cream, they just make things better. 

It’s a big, chunksome bottle that looks very classy; a fat crystally lid and thick, glass – it reminds me more of an aftershave bottle in fact, but that isn’t a negative. The fragrance is certainly powerful – you only need a tiny bit – and beautifully evocative of a Mediterranean summer. 

The complexities of building an organic fragrance (this one is 100% natural and 85% organic) are many, and a familiar complaint with entirely natural fragrances is that they can be weak and without longevity in the wearing.

So, the price. It’s £112.50. Yikes. But, it’s 100ml, you do only need a tiny bit and I can see this being a real hit as a summer wedding fragrance. I like it enormously. Personally, I can see a market for a 30ml version that doesn’t create such a hole in the pocket..but ya know, does anyone ever listen :-).

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