Well, this isn’t quite a beauty post but I have been finding the new Optrex Actimist very useful recently where a high pollen count and hours of screen time have combined to give me a beautiful pair of red eyeballs. Nice! Although I’m not a hayfever sufferer, my eyes can be super-sensitive, particularly in sunlight (which is apparantly unusual for brown eyes, but I put it down to laser eye surgery I had a few years ago), and also because I’m doing screen work literally all day. It’s kind of revolutionary in that you spray it on top of the lid rather than apply directly into the eye; the particles gather around the eye rims and enter the eye when you open them after spraying. The point of this is that you don’t actually have to touch your eyes. It’s a really handy refresher, and pretty soothing on tired, pollen irritated eyes, especially fresh from the fridge. However, at £11.99, it seems incredibly steeply priced for something that comes in a traditional bottle formula at half the price. I guess it is one of those things that you make a choice of whether you want the luxury no-touchy version or not.

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