[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] Regular readers might remember I was about to try a nail serum for my ongoing nail problems from another brand when one of my friends, Linnea, suggested OPI Repair Mode. I bought it straight away and honestly, it has been miraculous for my nails.

OPI Repair Mode Review

For the longest time, my nails have been endlessly peeling and snapping off to the point that I rarely even wear nail polish any more – the slightest knock would have edges pinging off and to get them to any length without pealing was impossible. There are some hefty claims on OPI Repair Mode : 99% nail keratin repair, 94% protection of keratin protein from damage and 4 x stronger nails in 6 days. The marketing speak suggests that the serum ‘reprograms nails’ and I can’t quite get to anything more concrete than ‘repairing keratin bonds from within’ using ‘ulti-plex’ which OPI have patented. No matter, because it genuinely works.

OPI Repair Mode Review

One of the things I really wasn’t expecting was for my nail ridges to improve but they have – and I mean really have. I’ve used OPI Repair Mode for about three weeks, give or take, and my nails are longer, stronger and smoother so I’m super impressed with it. It’s not cheap – Sephora seems to have the best price, £25.42 HERE – but it’s done such an impressive job I’d almost pay anything. I’m back wearing nail polish (although I don’t tend to leave it on for days – I take it off after a couple of days and reapply OPI Repair Mode) which I am thrilled about. Less thrillingly, I accidentally tipped the bottle over so I’m going to have to get a new one sooner than I was expecting. The liquid is water-thin, doesn’t really smell of anything much other than a slight acetone note and it’s a matter of moments to apply with no dry time.

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