Erm, oh yes, they did!

I couldn’t actually believe my eyes when I read this in a magazine (and flagged up to me by fellow blogger Sascha HERE). Whatever Syn-ake does, it categorically does NOT act like Botox which is an injection of muscle-freezing agent. I don’t argue at all that it may help to keep wrinkles at bay, but oh my goodness, I really strongly object to it being billed as Botox In A Pot – there is NO such thing. It’s irresponsible to suggest that anything other than Botox acts like Botox.

It’s exactly this kind of thing that makes my blood boil. *Throws hands in the air*. Anyway, it’s legally very dodgy territory because Allergan, who make Botox, do not like to see the trademarked word used so, er, liberally and are notoriously litigious.

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