[unpaid/sample/affiliate/prioradrelationship] One of my friends said to me when I had Covid, watch out for hair loss. She was not wrong. But while I feel reasonably confident that it is just a temporary state (my poor pony tail is so thin) I would have to say that my scalp has been unhappy since then, too.

Odylique Hydrating Lavender Shampoo

I’m highlighting a couple of products that have been quite helpful in terms of my itchy and flaky scalp – I know that TBS Ginger Shampoo is helpful because I almost always have some in the house for exactly such situations but I wanted to test Odylique Hydrating Lavender Shampoo which turns out to be rather a joy. It’s beautifully fragrant – and actually, I appreciate that it smells of lavender rather than a complicated house blend and it’s just an uplifting and straightforwardly fresh. It’s a super cleansing shampoo made without silicones and uses avocado, coconut, horsetail, nettle and rosemary. It feels like a detox shampoo I would say – so you only really need one wash and it’s nicely soothing once you are done. On the spot itches are immediately soothed with the ginger serum – you get a little bit of a tingle as it goes on but somewhat miraculously, there’s no evidence at the roots of any oiliness when you’ve applied. I know that central heating can kick off scalp dryness and it’s an intermittent issue for me that I hope I am kicking into touch. All I can say is that I am not flaking all over my black sweaters as I was a couple of weeks ago so I feel both these products have been genuinely helpful. Odylique is £13 HERE and TBS Ginger Scalp Serum is £15 HERE.

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