Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift

Okay so this is way off my normal blogging remit, but I had a go with this today, and I’m telling you – it will blow your mind! What’s more, it could very probably become the future of shopping and could have a big part to play in beauty shopping specifically.

So, I’ll explain as best I can, although when you’ve had your mind blown, it’s quite difficult to be sensible. So, you put the eye visor and headphones on and what you can see in front of you is literally a 3D world. I was shown round a house as though I was walking through it – it goes 360 degrees so when you turn your head you see as you would in real life. I went upstairs, I went back downstairs, I could see out of the windows. It was so real, that I screamed when I got too near the fire and then went round a corner too quickly and nearly literally fell out of my chair. I only stopped because I felt sick – honestly! The house was graphics of course, but imagine if it was a real house, what that could do to the real estate industry – looking to buy a house? Take the 3D virtual reality tour and see it properly.

What I’m now imagining is if you wanted to visit a beauty hall – in theory, you could do it from your sofa.. you could actually walk through, land at any beauty counter and look in detail at what they have on offer. How amazing would that be compared to the current on-line shopping availability? To *virtually* wander around, without crowds, without leaving your house and still be able to see absolutely everything? Fancy seeing what Macy’s have in store? Or Barneys? Seriously, everything we know about on-line shopping is going to change in the future with Oculus Rift.

The head-sets, initially for gaming, go on sale next year for about £100.. this isn’t even a sponsored post.. it’s just that I think it’s significant for all of us so was worth mentioning.

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