Right, well it’s impossible to review Nutrasonic without mentioning Clarisonic. I absolutely love my Clarisonic and feel it does give an amazingly thorough cleanse, so I was interested to see how Nutrasonic fared against one of my all-time favourite beauty gadgets. The answer is, actually, extremely well. Nutrasonic comes with a brush for sensitive skin, normal skin and a body brush (there’s a Microdermabrasion setting specifically for the body brushing option. It’s got four speeds (more than Clarisonic) and a weird ‘Jitter’ feature that means you can do an extra deep clean. Clarisonic cleanses at 300 oscillations per second, while Nutrasonic offers 400. And, you can actually feel that different – Nutrasonic feels a little stronger and more vigorous. The brand claims that it has 25% more cleansing power than its’ closest competitor (which I’m reading to mean Clarisonic, but it doesn’t directly specify), but I’d say it’s probably an uneccessary 25%. Like Clarisonic, the system comes with its’ own cleansing products, but I feel you are better off sticking with a cleanser you know your skin likes and responds to rather than switching to both an electronic cleansing system and a new cleanser. Both use sonic technology to loosen grime and dirt – and are especially effective at removing notorious stickers such as foundation and sunscreen.

So, how do you choose between the two? Err, good question. I’d say, having used and very much liked both, that Nutrasonic has got slightly more vroom behind it and more settings so if you like gadgets and are prepared to work out what does what, then you’ll go for Nutrasonic. If you prefer to keep things more straightforward on the techie front, then it’s Clarisonic.

They’re both amazingly good cleansers – you will have the cleanest skin you’ve ever had with either. Oh, and Nutrasonic is cheaper too at £124.95 against Clarisonic at £150 (or £175 for the 3 speed option).

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