Honestly, when I was writing the previous post about Carita, I went on the new NUDE website and discovered Replenishing Night Oil is no longer there. So I made a couple of enquiries and guess what? They’ve discontinued it. I’m almost speechless. 

NUDE Replenishing Night Oil has won countless awards, is one of the few products that gets almost consistently rave reviews because it is utterly brilliant and they’ve shelved it? I do not understand this at all. It’s honestly one of the most crazy beauty decisions I’ve heard to date (apart, of course, from making sachets of ‘slimming’ liquid that are proven not to make you the slightest bit skinnier).  NUDE Replenishing Oil was the highest scoring product EVER in the Beauty Bible tests, so if you can tell me why you’d discontinue that while keeping products that never made so much as a ripple, I’d love to know.

About a year ago, NUDE was bought out by LVMH, so I’m guessing that someone with not enough to do thought they’d twiddle about with NUDE to make it *better*. In the process, they’ve removed it far from it’s original eco roots. I mean, the replacement ProGenius, doesn’t look even remotely eco, and the original NUDE does look what I call eco-apologetic. But at least you understood where you were. Now, in a flashy (admittedly, recycled) glass bottle with a *scientific style* dropper, the new version is way off the mark, despite its more impressive claims.

The absolute thrill of Overnight Replenishing Oil was that you could slather it on before you went to sleep and wake up looking better. Skin just blossomed with that stuff and skin texture? Velvet. Absolute velvet. Anyway, in its place is Pro Genius.. with a major mark up from original NUDE Overnight at £44 to ProGenius at £58. Well, something’s got to pay for that sciency dropper, right? And while I cannot knock Pro Genius for being filled with all the right things and having some impressive stats, there’s been a massive failure to understand that if something works overnight, it is so happy-making and awesome that you will forever keep it in your bedside cabinet. If something takes nearly forever to give a result, that you may well not notice (but it impressed the scientists at the time), it’s far easier to forget about it. The texture of ProGenius is different, too.. it takes more effort to rub in where Overnight just glided over the skin and I just wonder how much mushing your face around to work a product in negates any of the good effects of the product anyway.

Anyway, so all NUDE have done have put some go-faster stripes on what was a great product, despite all the evidence in the world that those who used it loved it, slapped awards on it and gave it yards of column inches.. I despair. 

Bottom line is though that if you do love Nude Overnight Replenishing Oil, as soon as word gets out there will be a mass rush to grab the remainder, so stock up now. I have noticed that LoveLula have stock HERE and also Beauty Bay have it HERE

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