I’ve just been shopping at my local Boots store. I went there because the queue was so long at Superdrug, I gave up, dumped my products and walked down to Boots instead. At Superdrug, there were two people on tills, with one till giving problems and not working correctly. At no point did they say they were sorry to keep us waiting, or, in fact, reference that there was even a long queue at all. So, fair enough, I didn’t want to wait so left for the Boots store instead. A whole other story as far as keeping queues moving was concerned (in fairness, it is a much bigger store). But, I was a little bit surprised to be told by the person serving me that I had “a very special receipt today,” and offering congratulations. He then got his pen and while explaining that if I filled in the customer survey I could WIN £200 (he circles this with his pen for emphasis) of Advantage Points OR I might be lucky enough to get a (circles again) £100 Boots Gift Card, but only IF I go to the website (circles) and puts his name (writes it down for me) along with ‘Strongly Agree’ (writes it down) that I had good service today in case I am in any doubt about which box to check when I get there.

Actually, I think this is quite funny and entrepreneurial of him (I’ll leave his name out to spare his blushes) but other than being asked if I’d like a bag, the service was absolutely average. I’m not sure quite what the Boots staff are expected to do to raise their service from normal till service to something so exceptional I’ll head to a website to ‘strongly agree’ that my stuff was put nicely in a bag, but there is clearly some incentivisation going on for the staff. 

Bearing in mind that if Boots customers are good enough to go to the website, and also bearing in mind the hundreds of thousands of Boots customers there are in the UK, Boots are getting some very tidy free feedback with customers getting ‘a chance’ of winning a pretty average prize. Meh.

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