[unpaid/purchase] I don’t know what possessed me but I bought the Nivea Sun EDT on a whim – I was just curious to see if it give me the holiday feels. The answer is yes and no!

Nivea Sun Fragrance Review

For a start though, that’s a hell of a big box for such a small (30ml) bottle – it feels like the brand needs to catch up on packaging waste saving ideas. The fragrance bottle is cute though – small and jolly and just like the sunshine it evokes. If you ever used Nivea Sun Cream, and chances are you did if you are child of the 60s/70s/80s because the brand launched its first sun product in 1958. Prior to that, Nivea products, if you look at all the vintage advertising, were really promoting the (no SPF) cream for use in the sun. But, we’re all wiser now.


The biggest accolade has to go to the genius of the moment who decided that a Nivea beach ball was the very thing – they’ve produced over 20 million in 40 years. I have a little Nivea ball which is honestly one of the most favourite things I own. It’s the perfect flight companion if you want to have a little sleep – blow it up not quite fully, flip down your tray, plant your face. Works for me every single time. Oh, and fun fact: the word Nivea is taken from Latin, nix, nivis, meaning snow.

Nivea Sun Fragrance Review

The fragrance is exactly like the sun cream of your childhood at first spritz. You definitely get that sweet, solar nostalgia hit. It softens as the wear continues – a little bit woody, a little bit citrussy and a little bit powdery. The last isn’t amazing but it’s okay – if you love the hit of the spritz it won’t be a problem. The fragrance is £21 HERE, but bear in mind that you can get a Nivea Sun Shower Gel for £1.99 that probably will do the same for the hit but not for the longevity.



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