Ok, so the New York Times reports that sales of food and drink containing ‘beauty enhancing’ ingredients, such as the new Nescafe collagen enhanced instant coffee, are on the up and up. In fact, Mintel report a growth in this area of 306% between 2005 and 2008. I’ve mentioned before my deep scepticism about ‘beauty drinks’ and similar, although there are those who absolutely swear by targeted skin supplements such as Imedeen, which does sell like hot cakes. Last year, collagen infused marshmallows were all the rage – although the price of those enhanced sweeties was equivalent to gorging on handmade chocolates. The NYT article is interesting because even their ‘expert’ had to concede that a healthy and balanced diet should contain all the same nutrients that the infused food claims to give. There doesn’t seem to be any escaping the fact that dosing up on collagen coffee won’t do your skin any harm, it’s almost impossible to prove that it gives any tangible benefit either. Personally, I won’t be chasing down the slew of beauty foods and drinks because I feel it is sold in hope more than expectation, and the bottom line is that I’d rather waste my money on a new handbag, thanks all the same.
Image: NYTimes.com

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