I really am kicking myself for not having this treatment before. I’ve had keratin treatments in the past, and always loved the effects, so I’m not quite sure why it tooks months of trying to frizz wrangle and lamenting that my hair looks dull before the penny dropped that a keratin treatment would sort it out.

I was very lucky to have the Nanokeratin System Recharge treatment at the (very swanky) Knightsbridge salon of Paul Edmonds (great for feeling totally pampered and there’s some outstanding people-watching to be done there, too!).

To be fair, it’s a bit of a faffy treatment but shouldn’t, unless you have very long hair, take more than a couple of hours (these treatments used to take practically half the day). First up, your hair is washed twice in a detox shampoo that strips everything out. It does need to be brushed afterwards and it can be a bit uncomfortable and tuggy. After that, the Nanokeratin System Recharge Therapy cream is brushed into your hair, layer by layer.

Heat Thing
Heat Thing

The cream is a mix of keratin, vitamins, amino acids and essential oils, all at micro-molecule size so that they can penetrate the hair shaft. Once the cream is on, your hair is blow dried, and then you are left under a heat thing (please see picture – I have no idea what this is!) that rotates so your whole head is heated. In charge of my hair was Lamia Diani, Director at Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge, who literally has the glossiest and smoothest hair of all time – she has the Nanokeratin System Recharge herself which I always think speaks volumes for a product.

After the heating was finished, Lamia put straighteners through my hair to seal in the product. Post treatment, your hair won’t look amazing, and you have to not wash for three days! But, it’s so, SO worth it. I washed my hair this morning (with the Nanokeratin Refining Shampoo and Kerastase conditioner) and all the vitality is restored. There’s no frizz, it’s smooth and glossy and my blow dry took roughly half the time that it normally would. All the things I wanted from this treatment, I have got.

You can have success with products for frizz taming – I know, because I have had, and also for glossing, but if you just want to forget about your hair with the assurance that it’s sleek and shiny no matter what, then the Nanokeratin System Recharge is an absolute blessing. I will 100% do this again!

A word of warning – you very quickly forget, post keratin treatment, that this is not what your hair is really like! When it returns to its natural state (roughly 3 months) you start to wonder what on earth can be the matter with your hair! If it’s an affordable thing for you, make your next treatment booking as soon as you’ve had the first so you never lose the glossy cycle.

My treatment cost £300 (it was complimentary) but it was in one of London’s most upmarket salons. Prices for Nanokeratin are from around £150 depending upon where you live and where you go to have the treatment. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Use the salon locator HERE but the treatment is in most Toni & Guy and Sassoon salons.




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