Nannette de Gaspe Techstile Mask

When I was originally offered the Nannette de Gaspe dry masks to try, I said no thank you on the grounds that they’re just so expensive for what is effectively one 3-shot mask. I’m not going to change my mind on that one – they are VERY expensive at £85 for one mask. Yes, you read that right. However, learning that this brand is the inspiration for the Charlotte Tilbury dry mask, which I absolutely love, and uses exactly the same technology, I wanted to do a comparison. The technology is intriguing and it does actually work, leaving behind soft focus, hydrated skin.

Nannette de Gaspe Techstile Mask

It turns out that Nannette de Gaspe is actually part of the company (Biomod, based in Quebec) that has developed this waterless mask tech and they’re now private labelling. So, CT and NDG are kind of the same thing, although obvious there may be ingredient differences. I’m just going to flag up here that it’s good to see two women entrepreneurs at work – we don’t have enough in the beauty industry as it is.

Nannette de Gaspe Techstile Mask

The technology works by infusing balms onto the inside of a stretchable fabric. The Biomod website says, ‘millions of vectors packed with active ingredients… nourish the skin’. I’m assuming that the heat of your face helps release these vectors – you are asked to gently massage your face while wearing the mask. They’re trademarked as Skinfusion Infusers. Biomod is set up to private label this technology, and that’s exactly what happened with the Charlotte Tilbury Mask. While CT went for a straight out face mask, the options are endless: hands, bottoms (yes.. see Selfridges website!), necks and feet – there is nowhere they can’t fit these dry masks!

I genuinely think that this is the future of masking. Because they’re waterless, there is just no mess at all. They’re the easiest thing in the world to use, they fit the face properly with ear hooks both central and at the bottom so it covers the entire area comfortably. Apart from the fact they look so creepy, there is nothing not to like. Because Biomod owns the technology though, I can’t see these really coming down in price anytime soon unless there is a like-technology in development (bound to be). I think if you hate the clamminess and mess of a traditional mask, then these are a huge leap in user experience.


The Nanette de Gaspe Masks are HERE (brace yourself) starting from £60 and Charlotte’s is HERE for £18 (oh, and I got the full 3 uses that is promised on the packaging from it).


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