[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I used to have such trouble free nails! After a couple of years in nail wilderness where I had more or less got to the point of not bothering to even paint them any more, for some reason my nails are having a resurrection. I think it’s got a lot to do with my supplements (Advanced Nutrition Skin Moisture IQ HERE) which I’ve now been on for long enough that results are really showing, as well as regularly moisturising with Dior Creme Abricot HERE, and I’d very much like to keep it that way.  They’re not nearly as flakey and breaky as they were – in fact, I’d say (whisper it) they’re quite robust.

Nails Inc New Treatments

Nails Inc has just brought out a new range of treatments which I think are well priced at £9 each. You can target your issue with six different formulas. Vitamin C Please Cuticle Oil has an orangey fragrance which is gorgeous, while Vitamin E nourishes and C brightens. Better On Top is a top coat that has your mani ready to go in 45 seconds (how did we ever manage without quick dry top coats?) and Get Hard is for hardening and protecting using ingredients such as kale. To be honest, the internet is divided about whether nutrients can get to the nail via a lacquer but it’s complicated and largely due to whether micro elements are small enough to penetrate. I don’t know if they are or aren’t because there’s no real way to tell but it would be correct to say that best way to get nutrients to your nails is via the bloodstream. Get Hard will predominantly act more as a protective layer with a flexible film.

Nails Inc New Treatments

Gimme Strength is for – yes, that’s right – giving nails strength. So, it’s interesting because this is a patented formula infused with vegan collagen and has a claim of 3 weeks to stronger nails. Maybe this is where micro elements really do get to work. It has a gentle shimmer to it so it looks pretty on the nail – I’m tempted to try this one for the full 3 weeks but am also tempted by Glow & Grow. I’ve got Glowing My Way Glow Enhancing Nail Perfector Polish (HERE) and it really does give my natural nails a fresher, pinker and cleaner look so if I can get some growth element to the same effect, it’s a win. Head HERE.

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