Nailberry White Pastels Collection

I’m such a fan of the Nailberry range anyway, but the Nailberry White Pastels Collection had me smiling as soon as I opened the box. There’s an update on the Nailberry formula – it’s now got oxygenated technology, meaning that air and moisture can pass through it. I did a post a while back on whether oxygenated and water permeable polishes are acceptable for Muslim women to use for their Wu’du prayer, sparked by an Iglot polish brought out a year or so ago with water permeability (Muslims use a specific washing ritual – Wu’du – before prayer and many don’t wear nail polish as it acts as a barrier to the nail, meaning nails cannot be washed).

Nailberry White Pastel Collection

I’m clearly no expert, but looking across the internet, you can do a ‘coffee filter’ test for permeability (have a look HERE) so there’s no doubt whether your nail polish is permeable or not. Although the Nailberry oxygenated collection wasn’t made for this purpose – it’s thought that allowing air and moisture through a polish is healthier for nails – it’s just offering out more choice across the board.

Nailberry White Pastels Collection

So, the Nailberry White Pastels collection comprises In Love (pink), Minty Fresh (green), Hope (blue) and Happiness (peach). Although these shades have plenty of white in them, I’d advise using a white base coat to get the colours immaculate and even on the nail.

The Nailberry White Pastels collection is HERE and polishes are £14.50 each.


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