YSL Fall pic source www.makeup4all.com

I’ve been nail varnish free for nearly two weeks now…I cannot stand it; but I’m so determined to wear the YSL Duo Tone look that I realised I’d have to get my talons into some kind of shape first. They’re splitting, flaking, bendy and just generally miserable. So I’ve started on a B complex vitamin supplement (that is making my wee so luminescent that it probably would glow in the dark I might add – it’s a shock every time!), am applying Solar Oil at every given opportunity and keeping them well filed. But, the thing that has clearly made a difference already is Sally Hansen Miracle Cure that I picked up at Boots on a whim. It promises 50% stronger nails in 3days, to fill in cracks to strengthen, to instantly stop peeling, seal the nail plate and bond layers together.

In the week that I’ve used it, I would say it does live up to expectations. The peeling has not entirely stopped to be honest, but my nails feel more rigid, less soft and certainly they’ve grown more than they normally would in a week. While I was researching the product, I discovered that Sally Hansen have a new colour ranged designed by make up artist Carmindy; HD Shades, that uses liquid crystals for high shine. I really like the look of them, but so far they’re US only.

I’m definitely on my way to wearing the duo-tones!

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