Murad City Skin SPF50

I have no idea why I haven’t taken the concept of blue light protection seriously before now. I think it’s because I’ve had to wait for a product that really delivers the message in a way that speaks to me. And, for some reason this does. I am on my laptop from morning til night – not kidding. Apart from the weekends when I really try to stay away from my devices (ipad excluded – I’m not giving up Netflix) I am more or less glued to them. Bllue light comes from all sorts of devices such as your TV and phone but if I watch TV I am at a reasonable distance, unlike my laptop.

I’ve had a long look around the internet – there are lots of derm quotes but they’re all saying blue light ‘may’ cause skin damage/pigmentation so independent experts seem to be hedging their bets, but if you’re a prolific device user, then it’s possible, in my view, that blue light protection could be wise. Even I can’t bring myself to run with something that might be another way to scare you into buying products. But, that said, I am using it.

Maybe of more interest is that it’s SPF50, broad spectrum PA++++ and pollutant and infra red protecting so it just makes sense on many counts to use it – or something similar anyway. The biggest problem with SPFs is that they can leave a white cast on your skin – this one has a peach tint that didn’t show up at all on my skin but if you have very light tones, may do so. While it isn’t completely feather light, it didn’t feel sticky or heavy and I didn’t notice any discernable cast.

I always have to add that we are chronically deprived of Vitamin D in the UK – my GP told me only a few days ago that most people are deficient – and sunlight is one of the best sources of it. So, I’m not a fan of head to foot SPF50 – it’s really a question of making sensible judgements to get a balance of Vitamin D and protection: having a creaseless face isn’t a decent pay off for feeling exhausted, muddled and weak. Anyway, Murad SPF50 is £45 HERE.


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