[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I like the idea of wellbeing fragrances – they imply a certain gentleness and balance that perhaps your average fragrance won’t have. It’s not just the concept of smelling lovely, it’s more about combing smelling beautiful with paying attention to yourself.

M&S Apothecary Warmth Wellbeing Fragrance

Warmth is a gently spiced aroma with cardamom, cinnamon, cedar wood and sandalwood and not something I’d generally pick out for myself. However, it’s designed to feel comforting – to be applied at a time where you need to feel nurtured and soothed. It’s perhaps something I’d wear after yoga or on days where I feel stressed from the get go – I have repeatedly gone back to sniff my arm to try and calculate whether it has any noticeable effect over and above just smelling rather pleasant and I’d have to say in the immediate term the answer is no. However, context is all and I think Warmth is something I’d like to have about my person for quieter times.

M&S Apothecary Warmth Wellbeing Fragrance

I like the groundingness of it and the longevity – it lasted well beyond my expectations. There’s something a little bit masculine about it to my nose which is used to associating woods with men’s grooming products but there is some sweetness there too. 50ml is £10 HERE which feels like an affordable treat especially in the fragrance zone.

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