As the week went on I got more and more tempted, but there were a couple of disappointments, too. I couldn’t find any Anna Sui at all and the Sonia Rykiel make up was totally blah. Other than a striped blush (of which there are millions out there) there wasn’t a single thing that caught my eye. So, it was back to Sasa and Mannings for more cheap and cheerful quick fixes.

The pink plastic thing you see above is to stop you smudging your mascara when applying it. It’s actually quite handy for bottom lashes, especially if your lower lashes are long and spidery. The second is brow mascara…

…and look how worried you should be if your lashes turn upside down and drift up your forehead.

This is the same principle as the Bourjois 3 second nail polish remover that I love so much and it is just as good.

So, we have clear and utilitarian decanters from M&S or Muji – Sasa has gorgeous little decanting pots with pretty lids, showing you can do anything beautifully, even something as mundane as decanting your face cream.

This is Maybelline Baby Lips, a week long intensive treatment to revamp the condition of your lips. They have it just about everywhere but the UK.

This has to fall into the things-you-never-knew-you-needed category – an elbow mask to moisturise and smooth your elbows. I can’t help thinking that you won’t be multi-tasking when you use this. 

Above is a squalene wash mitt and a silk cleansing puff.. I’m not sure if I have the heart to actually use them.. they’re too cute! 

So, if you want to know what’s on the BB horizon, have a look at this BB ‘Boomer’ (great name); a boosting cream to help your BB last longer. I’ll put money on it that this is the next trend. 

My Missha BB – the coverage is absolutely amazing.. this colour, No 27, is exactly right for my darker skin-tone and Missha is one of the few brands that I spotted in Hong Kong that actually make for those whose skin is not light. It’s almost like a foundation in consistency and coverage and my goodness, it really does even out the skin tone. It’s my favourite buy.

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