Montange Jeunesse Body Products

More famous for their face masks, this is the first Montagne Jeunesse foray into body care. Montagne Jeunesse as it turns out translates as Mountain Youth. Who knew? !

So, I have to say they are extremely fruity smelling – but because they don’t follow the usual stereotype of fruity flavoured beauty, they aren’t as obvious as you might think. I mean, who knows what a Goji Berry smells like? I don’t. But they’re going to have a broad appeal I think for those who like sweet and fruity butters and scrubs. They’re quite inventive really, with Black Raspberry, Buriti, Acai and Goji and a change from the usual suspects, coconut, vanilla  or chocolate. In texture, they’re much like you’d expect from a Body Shop body butter (as a comparison) and they certainly do the hydrating job, leaving my skin feeling totally moisturised. I think a lot will depend upon whether you can live with the scents on your skin. My instincts tell me they’re aimed at a young market who like that confectionary-fruity combination, but it’s also a bit more sophisticated than that. Hard to put my finger on it really.

I should also add that this is a prime example of some very good marketing. It’s no secret that we (journalists and bloggers) are sent ‘incentives’ from time to time, usually in the form of a gift of chocolates, flowers, etc, but these body products came in a massive box full of fruit with a blender. I was sitting in my hall surrounded by bananas and blueberries thinking what a fabulous idea. Now, given that I don’t think I have ever reviewed a Montagne Jeunesse product in my life before, it certainly gave me the push to at least have a proper look at the offering.

And the reason I say that is that while I like to think I can’t be persuaded, I was and I’d rather be open about it. It didn’t make me feel obliged to feature them, but it did make me look and try which then led to me thinking actually, yes, these are worth talking about.

Generally, I prefer not to be pressured with incentives but in this instance it was a win-win because I hate the feeling of obligation but in fact this was such a wholesome thing, with fruit, not massively luxury whatevers, that the whole thing worked. Nice.


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