Molton Brown Dewy Lily of The Valley & Star Anise
Molton Brown Dewy Lily of The Valley & Star Anise

Lily of the Valley is one of those fragrances that really resonates with me. I think people tend to see it as an old fashioned fragrance, but actually, Lily of the Valley always reminds me of Dior. The Paris flagship Dior store burns their own brand of candle and it’s heavily Lily of the Valley so I’m not being transported to some beautiful woodland when I smell it, I’m off to Dior!

In France, May Day is often referred to as La Fete de Muguet, with the tradition of giving a bunch or pot of Lily of the Valley as a gift. Which partly ties in with the Flora Day festival in Cornwall which is the inspiration behind this fragrance. Residents, apparently, dress in white with a spring of Lily of the Valley while they dance in the streets to move winter out and welcome in the spring. Why does nothing that exciting ever happen here?!


So, the Molton Brown version is comparitavely green – far less sweet than I’ve smelled this flower before in fragrance, but it is a sweet smelling flower so there is no getting away from that. It’s pretty and happy. I don’t get any Star Anise, but the more fragrances I smell, the more I am sure that noses pick up what they like or what they don’t like and the more ‘vanilla’ notes just pass them by. Unless, of course, you have a very sophisticated nose, which I don’t. It’s big, but not very classy!

The body lotion is just that – lotion – so don’t expect any deep hydration as you might a body butter or balm, but a light and moistursing veil of fragrance on your skin – what could be nicer? Coming along with these products will be a shower gel and a candle. Expect to see this happy burst of floral fragrance towards the end of this month.

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