Mio Sleep Better
Mio Sleep Better

I’m such a fan of Liquid Yoga even if it is silly-expensive. It’s epsom salt, aloe and aromatherapy based so I really do feel soothed and sleepy after a steep. I eke mine out, but in reality you do need a good slug to get the benefit. Not being able to sleep is such a horrible feeling; I have infrequent periods of waking very, very early or feeling wide awake at bed time (there is nothing like not being able to fall asleep to intensify every angry thought you ever had) and I dread them. It’s not even feeling tired the next day that I mind so much, but more the mind racing and the frustration that comes with it at the time.

So, I think anything that can help to break that cycle is a good thing; if a Liquid Yoga bath means total relaxation and calm, then in stands to reason that Liquid Yoga Stress Free Space Spray spritzed on your pillow when you’re tossing and turning might just trigger that same olfactory calming response. I can’t say it’s a sleep inducer exactly, because I haven’t put it to that test, but even if it does relax you just slightly, that sleeplessness may not be quite so frustrating.

This little Sleep Better set from Mio at least gives you a chance to see if works for you without investing in full sizes. You’ll get three or four baths from it and plenty of spritzes – besides, it’s a very lovely thing to have just for me-time, whether you have sleep issues or not. There aren’t many bath products that I could genuinely say make me feel better, but Liquid Yoga does for some reason. A full size is £26 HERE and the Sleep Better Set is £17.50 but hasn’t made it on line at the time of writing.

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