Picture Credit: Becky Maynes

I was going to keep my blog London Fashion Week free because this time I’m not doing any fashiony-week stuff at all. It’s a gruelling week – more like a style conscious endurance test and I salute anyone who gets through it without being a) trampled underfoot by Louboutins or b) without compromised immune system for lack of food and taxis. 

But then the pics of the beautiful Minx nails appeared in my inbox. Now, it’s all very well to say after the event but for ages I’ve been thinking about how nail art can also incorporate fingers and hands in a really edgy way. I was thinking about long decals that are designed to trail around the fingers as well as the nail.. but looky here! Marian Newman’s team came up with the loveliest grey, textured Minx nail art and then adorned the fingers with tattoos. Fab-u-lous. 

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